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Are Baggy Sweaters In Style?

Last update: 2024-05-18

Baggy sweaters have made a major comeback in fashion recently. Many people are wondering if this oversized look is here to stay or just another passing trend. Let's explore the appeal of baggy sweaters and whether they are considered stylish today.

The History and Origins of Baggy Sweaters

  • Baggy sweaters first rose to popularity in the 1990s with the emergence of grunge fashion. Oversized cardigans and pullovers were a key element of the laidback grunge aesthetic.

  • Hip hop culture also embraced baggy clothing like oversized sweatshirts and sweaters in the 90s. The silhouettes helped accentuate the layering and streetwear vibe.

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  • In the 2000s and 2010s, fitted silhouettes were more on-trend. But baggy sweaters never went completely out of style.

  • Recently, Gen Z and millennials have revived interests in 90s and Y2K trends, bringing baggy sweaters back into the mainstream. The comfort-first attitude of today's fashion complements the loose and casual look.

  • Comfort first fashion - The oversized, cozy fit of baggy sweaters aligns perfectly with comfort dressing trends. After periods of lockdown, people favor laidback and relaxed attire.

  • 90s and Y2K nostalgia - Younger generations are feeling nostalgic for 90s grunge and hip hop styles. Baggy sweaters are a way to channel the cool retro vibes.

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  • Anti-fast fashion - Oversized sweaters promote sustainability by hiding the body, de-emphasizing trends, and encouraging thrifting of secondhand pieces.

  • Self-expression - For some, baggy sweaters feel symbolic of authenticity and not conforming to strict beauty standards. The anti-fitting silhouette allows personal flair.

Tips for Styling Baggy and Oversized Sweaters

  • Balance proportions - If wearing an extra baggy sweater up top, pair it with a more fitted bottom like skinny jeans or leggings. This creates a balanced and flattering silhouette.

  • Cropped length - Choose a cropped boxy sweater to prevent an overly bulky shape up top. Cropped lengths help show off some waist definition.

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  • Cinch the waist - Add a belt over an oversized sweater to cinch in the waist. This helps create shape while still looking cozy.

  • Layer creatively - Have fun mixing different loose and oversized layers on top, like an open cardigan over a baggy sweater.

  • Pick structured fabrics - Stiffer fabrics like wool bouclé add structure and prevent a sweater from looking like a shapeless sack.

Key Style Inspiration from the Runways

Streetwear Layering

  • Oversized hoodies under baggy graphic sweaters

  • Boxy cropped sweaters over t-shirts

  • Chunky sneakers and beanies for an urban vibe

Modern Grunge

Fashionable woman in warm sweater
  • Oversized fuzzy cardigans and knits

  • Ripped baggy jeans and Dr. Martens boots

  • Plaid shirts around the waist

Soft and Sweet

  • Cropped fuzzy sweaters in pastels

  • Tennis skirts and knee socks

  • Hair ribbons and barrettes for a playful look

Are Baggy Sweaters Still in Style for 2023?

  • While form-fitting clothes aren't going anywhere, baggy sweaters maintain their spot as a stylish staple.

  • Their versatility to be dressed up or down while providing comfort ensures their continued relevance.

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  • Gen Z and millennials are predicted to continue sporting oversized sweater styles well into 2023.

  • As long as anti-fast fashion and 1990s nostalgia remain prevalent, baggy sweaters will stay on-trend.

  • Of course, moderation is key. Avoid looking totally shapeless by balancing silhouettes.

  • But baggy sweaters show no signs of disappearing from the fashion scene anytime soon. The comfort and creative styling potential appeal across generations.


Baggy, oversized sweaters provide comfort and retro vibes that remain highly appealing in fashion. With intentional styling using proportion and creative layering, baggy sweaters have established themselves as a contemporary classic. The desire for laid back, nostalgic, and environmentally-conscious clothing ensures these cozy pieces remain in style. While avoiding looking sloppy, baggy sweaters allow free-spirited versatility for all ages and body types. Their timeless comfort and flair will continue making them a mainstay in closets and on the streets.

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