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Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas For Couples

Last update: 2024-05-05

The ugly Christmas sweater party has become a beloved holiday tradition in recent years. While these parties used to be tacky and silly, they are now celebrated for bringing people together and providing some lighthearted fun during the hectic holiday season. For couples, ugly Christmas sweaters can be a chance to show your shared sense of humor. With some creativity and collaboration, you can come up with fun couples sweater ideas that will be a hit at your next Christmas gathering. In this article, we'll explore some of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas for couples.

Matching Holiday Motifs

  • Christmas trees
  • Snowmen
  • Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
  • Elves
  • Reindeer
  • Ornaments
  • Stockings
  • Candy canes
    Happy couple at Christmas ugly sweater party

Matching holiday motifs are a fun way for couples to coordinate their ugly Christmas sweaters. You can find sweaters with all kinds of Christmas images and then pair complementary ones for his-and-hers looks. For example, one sweater could feature a grinning snowman while the other has glittery snowflakes. Or one sweater could say "Naughty" while the other says "Nice." Matching holiday motifs allow you to get in on the ugly sweater fun while showing off your couple status.

Complete A Christmas Scene

Creating two sweaters that combine to make a full Christmas scene is a clever idea for couples. You can find sweaters printed with large patterns or pictures and then select complementary halves to make the full scene when standing side-by-side. For example, one sweater could show the top half of a Christmas tree and the other the bottom with presents. Or one could feature the front view of a reindeer and the other the back. Getting creative with these types of combos makes for memorable photo opportunities for ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Christmas Movie Scenes

Christmas decorations home bedroom, christmas background indoors
  • Build the bedroom scene from Home Alone - one sweater shows the empty bed, the other shows Kevin's scared face
  • Recreate the iconic leg lamp scene from A Christmas Story - one sweater has the lamp, one has the home exterior
  • Display the mistletoe kiss from Love Actually - one sweater shows the doorstep, the other shows the couple kissing

Variations on Traditional Scenes

  • Front and back of Santa loading presents on his sleigh
  • Top and bottom of elves working in a toy workshop
  • Left and right sides of a Christmas parade float

Mashup Pop Culture References

For pop culture loving couples, mashup ugly Christmas sweaters combining holiday and entertainment themes can be hilarious. You can pick favorite movies, TV shows, games, books, and other interests and find sweaters that blend them with Christmas flair. For example, Star Wars fans could wear sweaters showing Darth Santa or Yoda dressed like an elf. Video game lovers could rock sweaters with Mario in a Santa cap or Sonic the Hedgehog decorated like a Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless for clever combinations!

Fandom Holiday Sweaters

  • Star Trek Santa beaming down presents
  • Elf on the Shelf holding a wand like Harry Potter
  • Scooby Doo and the gang decorating a Christmas tree

Punny Sweaters

Homemade hot chocolate
  • The Grinch holding Starbucks cup with "Grinch-accino"
  • Santa wearing sunglasses saying "Don we now our jolly apparel"
  • Hall and Oates album cover mashup saying "Holly Jolly Christmas"

Pop Culture Figures Dressed as Holiday Characters

  • The Minions as Santa's elf helpers
  • Baby Yoda wearing reindeer antlers
  • Spongebob as Frosty the Snowman

Coordinating Without Matching

Couples don't have to wear matching ugly sweaters to have fun together. You can coordinate sweaters that aren't exactly the same but still go nicely together. Using complementary colors and styling creates a unified look without being overly matchy-matchy. For example, both sweaters could feature snowflakes and winter animals but in different patterns. Or one could have a Fair Isle print while the other sports snowflakes. Going for sweaters in his-and-her colors like pink and blue is another way to coordinate. Add some matching holiday accessories like Santa hats or elf ears and you're ready for the ugly sweater party!

Complimentary Colors and Patterns

  • Red sweater with green sweater
  • Buffalo plaid with festive zigzag stripes
  • Snowflake pattern with polka dot pattern
  • One bright, one ugly sweater

Similar Themes and Symbols

Happy couple in Christmas sweaters and Santa hats
  • Both have reindeer but different poses
  • Both have Christmas trees but different sizes
  • Both have snowmen but one is happy, one is silly

Accessorize Together

  • Matching Santa beards and hats
  • Coordinating elf ears and striped leggings
  • Same scarves or ugly neckties
  • Pairs of reindeer antlers or jingle bell necklaces

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For crafty couples, making your own ridiculous Christmas sweaters can be extra fun. Coming up with funny ideas together and then designing the DIY sweaters makes them more meaningful. You can decorate plain sweaters with iron-on patches, fabric glue, garlands, pom poms, googly eyes and other festive materials. Or use an ugly Christmas sweater kit that provides sweater blanks and all the accessories you need. You can also repurpose old sweaters by adding holiday phrases, clip art images, or your own inside jokes. DIY sweaters let you get as weird or tacky as you want!

Design Ideas

  • Turn childrens' art into sweater motifs using fabric markers or appliques
  • Attach jingle bells, battery-operated lights, or tinsel garland for over-the-top embellishments
  • Layer sparkly ribbons, bows, wreaths and other decorations for extreme ugly styling

Materials to Use

Happy couple in Christmas sweaters and Santa hats
  • Felt, sequins, rickrack for cut-out applique shapes
  • Pom poms, fabric yo-yos, fringe for tactile textures
  • Glitter glue, puffy paint for hand-drawn designs
  • Adhesive vinyl, iron-on patches for easy stick-on images

Funny Ideas and Themes

  • "He Spruced Up" and "She Spruced Up" with tree puns
  • "Knit Picker" and "Stockin' Stuffer" with knitting humor
  • Inside jokes like "Who Farted?" and "Not Me!" for immature couples


Finding funny, festive Christmas sweaters to wear as a couple is part of the whole ugly sweater party experience. Offering some hilarious his-and-hers looks will definitely get you attention. Matching sweaters are cute, but going for complementary styles can be even more unique. Bring some humor and creativity to your sweater selection and you're sure to sleigh this Christmas trend with your partner!

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