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At What Temperature Do Dogs Need Sweaters?

Last update: 2023-11-14

Dogs, like humans, can feel hot or cold depending on the temperature outside. As caring pet owners, it's important to know when your dog may need a little extra warmth from a sweater or coat. Here's a guide on determining when your dog needs a sweater based on temperature:

Knowing Your Dog's Cold Tolerance

  • Jack Russells walk in winter on the streets with their owners
    Dogs with very short or thin coats may start feeling chilly when temps dip below 45°F. Small breed dogs like Chihuahuas have less body fat and hair to keep them warm.
  • Dogs with medium length coats can generally tolerate temps between 35-45°F before needing a sweater. Examples are Pit Bulls and Dalmatians.

  • Double-coated and cold weather breed dogs like Huskies and St. Bernards can go comfortably down to 15-20°F before feeling too cold. Their thick undercoats insulate them.

  • Factors like wind chill, precipitation, and time spent outdoors will also impact your dog's comfort level.

Signs Your Dog is Too Cold Without a Sweater

  • Shivering - this is the most obvious sign a dog may be getting too chilly. Their muscles will tremble to generate body heat.

  • Whining or barking - some dogs become vocal when unhappy with temperature extremes.

  • Seeking warmth - curling up into a tight ball, moving inside, or sitting on your lap.

  • Slowing down - cold dogs are less energetic and may appear lethargic.

Using Sweaters Based on Activity Level

  • a perfect day
    Dogs who are mostly sedentary or homebodies may need a sweater above 60°F if they have poor coats.
  • Moderately active dogs that enjoy short walks likely need a coat below 45-50°F when outdoors.

  • High energy dogs that spend time running or hiking outside could use a sweater once temps reach freezing or below.

Types of Dog Sweaters for Cold Weather

  • Classic pullover sweater - easy to get on and provides core warmth.

  • Hooded sweatshirt - extra head and neck coverage for very cold temps.

  • Puffer vest - insulates core but allows mobility.

  • Fleece or flannel - keeps in warmth while staying stretchy.

  • Water-resistant coats - protects from wet and windchill.

Tips For Sweater Use and Care

  • Look for sweaters with adjustable straps or velcro closures for better fit.

  • Ensure sweaters don't restrict movement - your dog should be comfortable wearing it.

  • Check for signs of chafing at the neck, armpits, or belly and discontinue use if noted.

  • Hand wash or machine wash gently and lay flat to dry. Don't use fabric softener.

  • Store sweaters over the summer to save money and reuse each winter.

    Funny dachshund in a knitted sweater on a beige background with a party hat

Paying attention to your dog's comfort level based on weather conditions will allow you to determine when they need a little extra warmth. With some trial and error, you'll figure out the optimal sweater temperatures for your furry friend!


What temperature is too cold for most dogs to be outside without a sweater?

Most dogs will need a sweater or coat once temperatures reach below 45°F, with smaller and short-haired breeds likely needing one above 60°F. Wind chill factors needing additional insulation.

Should I make my dog wear a sweater even if he doesn't seem cold?

You can gauge based on your dog's signs of being chilled like shivering or seeking warmth. If they seem comfortable, a sweater isn't needed until temps get very cold. Forcing a sweater on a dog that isn't cold may cause overheating.

How tight should a dog sweater fit?

A dog sweater should be snug enough not to slide around but loose enough for comfortable movement. Make sure it does not dig into the neck, restrict leg motion, or pinch under the arms. Proper fit will insulate without impeding activity.

Can a dog sweater be too warm for winter outdoor use?

Yes, an overly thick or insulating sweater meant for extreme cold could cause your dog to overheat if temperatures are more moderate. Look for lightweight, breathable materials or layers you can add or remove as needed.

Should I put a sweater on my dog at night when he's sleeping?

Depends on if your home gets chilly at night and how cold tolerant your dog is. Smaller dogs may appreciate the extra warmth. But don't overdress your dog - monitor for signs of overheating like panting or restlessness.


Determining if your dog needs a sweater is based on breed, coat thickness, activity level, and temperature. Signs of feeling cold like shivering or slowing down indicate a sweater is a good idea. Choose proper fitting, breathable sweaters suitable for your dog's weather tolerance. Staying attuned to your dog's comfort will guide you on optimal sweater temperature. With some trial and error, your dog will stay properly insulated.

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