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Ugly Sweater Ideas For School

Last update: 2024-05-22

Ugly sweaters are a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays, and they're also a great way to show off your school spirit. Whether you're attending an ugly sweater party or just want to dress up for the season, there are plenty of ways to style your ugly sweater for school.

Christmas-Themed Sweaters

Christmas sweaters are a popular choice when it comes to ugly sweaters. There are so many fun and festive options to choose from.

Sweaters with Christmas Characters

One of the most common Christmas sweater designs features popular Christmas characters. Some ideas include:

Millennium Christmas Pizza Party
  • Santa Claus - Choose a sweater with Santa's face, or an all-over Santa print. Go for a classic Santa, or pick a funny Santa doing things like surfing or skiing.
  • Reindeer - Sweaters with reindeer on them are a staple. Go for a Rudolph design with a red nose, or pick a reindeer in a silly outfit.
  • Elves - Elves wearing pointy hats and shoes are a cute sweater choice. Find one surrounded by presents or making toys.
  • Snowmen - Snowmen sweaters come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one with a typical carrot nose, or go for a more unique design.
  • Gingerbread Men - What's more festive than a gingerbread man? Pick a sweater with a giant gingerbread man, or a pattern of smaller cookies.

Sweaters with Holiday Motifs

Another approach is to choose a Christmas sweater with a repeating holiday motif design:

  • Christmas Trees - You can't go wrong with a sweater covered in Christmas trees. Go for a classic green tree, or mix it up with trees in other colors.
  • Ornaments - A Christmas ball or ornament pattern makes for a very festive sweater. Opt for traditional round ornaments or fun unique shapes.
  • Presents - Wrapped gift designs give a feeling of the holidays. Choose different size boxes with big bows on top for maximum cheer.
  • Candy Canes - The classic red-and-white swirl of a candy cane is instantly recognizable. Find a sweater with candy canes marching all over.
  • Wreaths - Sweaters with wreath designs are very festive. Look for wreaths in green, red, or gold foil for extra holiday spirit.

Sweaters with Holiday Greetings

Spread some seasonal cheer with a sweater featuring a holiday greeting:

Christmas background. Ugly Christmas sweater, letter to Santa, Cristmas decoration and cup of hot chocolate
  • Merry Christmas - Simple yet classic. Choose a sweater that wishes a very Merry Christmas to all.
  • Happy Holidays - Perfect for those who like to include New Year's in their celebrations. Find a colorful "Happy Holidays" sweater.
  • Season's Greetings - Another all-encompassing holiday wish. Opt for fun fonts and colors.
  • Ho Ho Ho - Santa's signature phrase makes for a cheerfully silly sweater. Go big and bold.
  • Joy to the World - Spread joy with lyrics from a favorite Christmas carol.

Funny and Punny Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are the perfect place to add some holiday humor:

  • Reindeer Jokes - Play on reindeer names with sayings like "Olive the Other Reindeer" or "Don we now our gay apparel."
  • Christmas Puns - Jokes like "Merry Kissmas" and "All I Want for Christmas is Ewe" are pun-tastic.
  • Santa Jokes - A sweater with a funny Santa, like Santa stuck in a chimney, is good for a laugh.
  • Pop Culture - Combine Christmas with pop culture by featuring Santa dressed as a character from a show or movie.

School-Themed Sweaters

Show off your school spirit with a sweater featuring your school's colors, mascot, logo or other symbols.

School Colors and Logos

Man with funny expression holding up a Christmas sweater
  • School Colors - A sweater incorporating your school's color scheme is an easy way to show spirit. Try bold stripes or an allover pattern.
  • School Logo - Place your school's crest or mascot front and center on your ugly sweater. Go big and make it the main focal point.
  • Mascot - Show your school pride with your mascot's face or full body. Get silly by putting your mascot in a Santa outfit or other costume.
  • School Name - Simply spelling out your school's name in big letters across your sweater is an easy way to represent.

Words and Phrases

Use fun words and phrases to display your school spirit:

  • School Motto - Does your school have an official motto? Turn it into a sweater!
  • Custom Message - Come up with your own fun saying like "Peace, Love, and [School Name]" or "All Hail [Mascot]".
  • Fight Song Lyrics - Include a line from your school's fight song or alma mater.
  • 1 Fan - Let everyone know you're a super fan with a "1 Fan of [School]" sweater.

School Events

Create a sweater inspired by a specific school event or tradition:

This year all together at home
  • Homecoming - Design something homecoming-themed with your mascot, cheerleaders, or homecoming date.
  • Rivalry Game - Show spirit for a big game vs. your school's rival with their colors or mascot crossed out.
  • School Dance - Get inspired by an upcoming winter formal or prom with "Winter Ball 2023" or a fun saying.
  • Graduation Year - Seniors should rock a graduation year sweater to celebrate their big year.

DIY Sweater Ideas

Making your own ugly Christmas sweater can be a fun crafty holiday activity. There are many creative ways to DIY a unique sweater.

Sweater Crafting Techniques

These popular techniques can be used to customize a basic sweater:

Christmas Is For Giving
  • Painting - Acrylic or fabric paint allows you to hand paint designs. Outline shapes first with a pencil.
  • Stenciling - Use stencils and fabric paint to quickly decorate a sweater with shapes, letters or images.
  • Applique - Cut out felt or fabric shapes and attach them to the sweater with stitching or fabric glue.
  • Glitter - Add sparkle with glitter fabric glue or a glitter paint pen. Outline designs or coat the whole sweater.
  • Iron-on Vinyl - Cut out iron-on vinyl designs using a Cricut or by hand and adhere them to your sweater.

DIY Sweater Shaping

Alter the shape of a basic sweater for a unique look:

  • Oversized sweater - Buy it big and belt it or tuck it in for fun proportion play.
  • Crop it - Cut a long sweater shorter for a trendy cropped effect.
  • Cut out shoulders - Cut horizontal or vertical slits across shoulder tops for a cool cut-out effect.
  • Knot it - Tie knots in the back or on the sides to nip in an oversized sweater.
  • Tie dye - Use dye and rubber bands to create colorful tie dye patterns.

What to Wear with Ugly Sweaters

The rest of your outfit deserves just as much thought as your flashy Christmas sweater. Here are some ideas on how to complete your ugly sweater look:

Dress Up Your Ugly Sweater

Make your ugly sweater look chic by dressing it up:

Christmas Sweater Couple
  • Mini skirt - For a flirty vibe, pair your sweater with a faux leather or velvet mini.
  • Blazer - Add polish by layering a tailored blazer over your sweater.
  • Heels/boots - Ground your flashy sweater with classic pumps, booties or over-the-knee boots.
  • Leggings - Leather or faux leather leggings add edge to your ugly sweater.
  • Jewelry - Get glam with sparkly statement earrings, a necklace and bangle bracelets.

Dress Down Your Ugly Sweater

Keep things casual and comfy with these easy additions:

  • Jeans - Dark wash or black jeans instantly dress down your sweater.
  • Leggings - Patterned or colored leggings let your sweater take center stage.
  • Joggers - For an athleisure vibe, wear your sweater with cuffed joggers.
  • Sneakers - White or metallic sneakers add a sporty touch.
  • Beanie - A slouchy beanie gives off chill winter style vibes.
  • Scarf - Wrap up with a chunky knit or plaid scarf.
  • Boots - Lace-up or slouchy boots complete the laidback look.


Ugly Christmas sweaters present so many fun opportunities to get festive and showcase your holiday and school spirit. Christmas-themed sweaters let you choose anything from Santa to snowmen. Rep your school with sweaters featuring your colors, mascot or school name. Or get crafty and DIY your own unique creation.

Finish off your ugly sweater outfit by dressing it up with glam pieces or dressing it down for a casual vibe. However you style it, an ugly sweater is sure to spread holiday cheer this season at school. So be bold, think creatively, and let your personality shine through with the ugliest sweater you can find!

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