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How To Mend Hole In Cashmere Sweater?

Last update: 2024-04-04

Cashmere sweaters are delicate and can be expensive to replace. If you happen to rip or hole one, don’t worry! This article will show you how to easily repair a hole in a cashmere sweater without having to throw it away.

Purchase Repairs Kit

If you have a hole in your cashmere sweater, the best way to repair it is to purchase a repair kit. This will include all the necessary tools and materials to fix the hole.

Sewing in a wide range

  • Colorfast yarns that match your sweater's color and texture
  • Needles and thread
  • Fusible interfacing or patches
  • Darning tool
  • Seam ripper

You can find cashmere repair kits at craft stores, fabric stores, some department stores, or online. Look for kits from reputable brands like Dritz or Clover. Make sure to select the right color yarn to match your sweater.

Before starting any repairs, it's wise to have a professional seamstress or tailor look over your cashmere sweater and repair kit. They can ensure you have the right tools and materials to properly mend the hole.

Remove Cashmere From Area Of Damage

If you have a hole in your cashmere sweater, the first thing to do is remove as much of the cashmere as possible from the damaged area. This will help protect the rest of the sweater from unraveling.

Use Seam Ripper To Remove Stitches

Use a sharp seam ripper to carefully remove any stitches around the hole. Pull the threads out slowly and gently. Removing the stitches will prevent further ravelling.

seam ripper

Cut Away Frayed Yarns

Next, trim away any frayed or damaged yarns around the hole using small, sharp embroidery scissors. Cutting away frayed areas will create a smooth mending surface.

Protect Undamaged Areas

Take care not to cut away too much - only remove damaged yarns. You want to keep as much of the undamaged cashmere as possible to make mending easier.

Clean Area Of Damage

Now that you've removed the damaged yarns, it's time to clean the repair area to prep for mending.

Use Mild Soap And Water

Mix a small amount of mild soap with cool water. Use a soft cloth to gently scrub the area around the hole. This will remove any dirt or debris.

Cashmere fabric has been canceled

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse the repair area well with clean, cool water to remove all soap residue. Gently press water out with a towel, but don't wring or twist the sweater.

Allow To Dry Flat

Lay your sweater on a flat, padded surface to air dry. Reshape the hole area to avoid stretching or distortion as the sweater dries.

Apply Repairs Kit To Area Of Damage

Now that your cashmere sweater is prepped, it's time to apply your repair kit to mend the hole.

Select Right Color Yarn

Choose a yarn from your kit that closest matches your sweater color and texture. Hold it up to the sweater in natural daylight to compare.

Basket with yarn

Use Interfacing For Reinforcement

Cut a piece of fusible interfacing to fit under the hole. Iron it on the wrong side of the fabric following kit instructions.

Thread Your Needle

Thread your needle with the matching yarn. Make a knot at the end. Use a short medium length for easier stitching.

Use Various Hand Stitching Techniques

Usevarious stitching techniques like backstitch, running stitch or darning to close the hole. Blend the yarn into the knit pattern.

Perspective of knitting with green yarn

Replace Cashmere

The final step is to gently replace the cashmere yarns over the repaired hole and secure them in place.

Pull Yarns Over Repair Area

Carefully pull the undamaged yarns back over the mended hole. Use tweezers if needed to handle delicate yarns.

Use Steam To Reshape

Use a garment steamer to gently steam the repair area. This will help blend the mending work. Be careful not to press down and flatten stitches.

Close-up of steamer in hand steaming white clothes on hanger

Add Securing Stitches If Needed

If any yarns seem loose, use tiny stitches around the edges to secure them to the repaired area. Knot and weave thread tails to inside.

With some simple tools, yarn and patience, you can give your treasured cashmere sweater a long life by repairing holes properly. Just be gentle and take your time for the best results.

Tips To Protect Cashmere Sweater

Wash By Hand

Wash your cashmere by hand in cool water using a gentle detergent or wool wash. Don't wring or twist to squeeze out water.

Air Dry Flat

Always air dry your cashmere sweater flat to avoid stretching the fibers under the weight of water. Use a towel to gently blot water.

Stack of three sweaters

Use Laundry Bags

If machine washing, always place cashmere in a mesh bag first to prevent friction against the drum. Use a delicate cycle.

Avoid Direct Heat

Direct heat from blow dryers, irons or dryers can damage the fibers over time. Allow cashmere to dry naturally instead whenever possible.

Use Mild Detergent

Harsh soaps, whiteners, stain removers etc can deteriorate the fibers and cause thinning or holes. Use only mild, chemical-free detergents.

Hand Wash Gently

Agitation and wringing can stress the yarns. Always hand wash delicately with minimal squeezing to remove water. Dry flat.

Cleaning natural water in woman's hands

Inspect Carefully

Turn your sweater inside out and inspect it carefully before each wear. Look for pulled threads, thin spots or snags.

Remove Pills Gently

Use a sweater stone, pill shaver or razor very gently to remove pills without pulling or tearing the yarns.

Avoid Abrasion

Take off cashmere before doing tasks where it could catch or be abraded like gardening, cooking or cleaning. Also remove jewelry.

To Recap:

  • Piles of knitted sweaters of different colors and patterns are perfectly stacked on top of each other
    Purchase a repair kit made for cashmere with matching yarn, needles and tools.
  • Use a seam ripper and scissors to remove damaged knitting from the hole.
  • Clean the repair area gently with mild soap and water, then rinse.
  • Reinforce the hole with fusible interfacing, then close using various hand stitches.
  • Gently steam and shape the repaired area. Add stitches if needed to secure loose yarns.
  • Cashmere holes can occur from dyeing damage, insects, improper laundry methods, damaged fibers or snags.
  • Take steps to prevent holes by caring properly for delicate cashmere sweaters.


With some basic tools and materials, repairing a hole in a beloved cashmere sweater is totally doable. By following the steps outlined above, you can give your sweater a fresh lease on life and enjoy wearing it again. Cashmere is expensive and delicate but also resilient - with a little TLC, it can last for many years to come. Be gentle, take your time, and don't be afraid to ask a professional for guidance. Mending and caring for quality pieces pays off in the long run.

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