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Christmas Gift Ideas For Coworkers

Last update: 2023-11-02

The holiday season is a time for celebrating and showing appreciation to the important people in our lives. For many of us, our coworkers are like a second family that we spend the majority of our waking hours with. Finding the perfect gift to brighten their day can seem challenging though. To inspire you, here are some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for all the amazing coworkers in your life!

When choosing a gift for a colleague, it's helpful to consider their personality and interests. Here are some ideas to match different coworker types:

For the Coffee Lover

Does your coworker constantly have a coffee mug glued to their hand? Gift them a set of high-quality coffee beans, a coffee subscription service, a fancy new french press or pour-over set up, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, or an insulated coffee tumbler they can take on the go.Set of coffee beans and ground coffee in the shape of a world map.

For the Organized Planner

For the coworker who plans everything down to a T, gift them a premium planner or notebook to keep the coming year organized. Include some fun planning accessories like stylish pens, colorful sticky notes, or page markers. Or put together a personalized office organizer set with file folders, a hole punch, stapler, desk pads, and more.

For the Self-Care Enthusiast

We all have that one zen coworker who's always diffusing essential oils or offering up healthy snacks. Gift them a set of calming scented candles, a yoga kit, a selection of teas, a bath bomb gift set, or a gift card for a spa service. They'll appreciate the chance to pamper themselves.Black tea, green tea, fruit tea cups/sorted tea in boxes

For the Plant Parent

If you have a coworker who showers their leafy desk plants with love, give them a low-maintenance succulent or cactus to add to their collection. Pair it with a pretty planter, plant food, gardening gloves, or watering can. Or give them an indoor herb garden kit they can use to cook with at home.

For the Foodie

Satisfy your office foodie with gourmet goodies like artisan chocolate, a cheese and charcuterie board, fancy olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Or pull together a gift basket filled with yummy snacks, coffees, teas, and treats.

For the Whiskey or Wine Aficionado

Impress the whiskey or wine connoisseur in your office by gifting them a nice bottle of their preferred spirit or vintage along with some tasting glasses. Or give them new cocktail accessories like an ice sphere mold, bartender kit, or fancy corkscrew. They'll be mixing up drinks in style.Modern bartender kit and cocktail ingredients on color background

For the Tech-Lover

If you have a coworker who's always sporting the latest gadgets, upgrade their tech stash with wireless earbuds, an external phone charger, a smart speaker, or tech accessories like a multi-port USB hub, Bluetooth keyboard, or laptop stand. Tech gifts both fun and functional.

For the Pop Culture Fanatic

Gift the pop culture guru in your midst something related to their fandom whether it's band merch from their favorite musician, a Funko figurine of a beloved character, DVDs of a hit show, or a celeb's latest memoir.

For the DIYer

For handy coworkers, put together a custom DIY kit filled with supplies for their next project. Include tools, craft materials, hardware, paints, wood, yarn, baking kits, candle-making sets - anything to fuel their creativity.Set for crafting candle on white background. Eco soy wax and candle making tools. DIY candles.

For the Fitness Buff

Help an athletic coworker up their exercise game with a new yoga mat, resistance bands, workout wear, running shoes, workout tracker, gym bag, or fitness subscription like ClassPass. Healthy and motivational!

For the Green Thumb

If you have a coworker constantly doting on the office plants, gift them plant-care ebooks, gardening tools, a terrarium kit, seed packets for their garden, or an indoor hydroponic growing system for fresh herbs and veggies.

For the Skincare Obsessive

Pamper a coworker who takes skincare seriously with masks, moisturizers, facial tools like jade rollers, an LED face mask, luxury shaving products, or a skincare fridge to preserve their stash. The perfect pick-me-up for their regimen.Jade face roller for beauty facial massage therapy. Flat lay on pastel green background

For the Pet Lover

Get a gift their furry friend will love too like a pet treat assortment, new toys, a plush bed, a doggie DNA test, a pet fitness tracker, grooming products, or a donation to their favorite animal rescue in their name.

As you can see, there are endless options for showing your amazing coworkers some holiday cheer. Focus on what makes each person unique and pick gifts that align with their personality and interests. Thoughtful gifts that make work life more fun, organized, healthy, or high-tech are always appreciated. The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate your work family!

Here are some additional tips for picking out great Christmas gifts for coworkers:An empty dog bed basket with only dog bone snacks left on the bed with copy space; concept for missing dogs

  • Set a realistic budget so you can spread cheer without overspending. $15-$30 gifts are plenty generous.
  • Make sure gifts are office-appropriate and tasteful. Avoid anything too personal.
  • Keep religious affiliations in mind if gifting food, drink or self-care items.
  • Consider going in on a group gift for your boss or team to show collective appreciation.
  • Include a gift receipt in case they want to exchange for something else.
  • Pair tangible gifts with heartfelt cards sharing what you enjoy or admire about working with them.
  • Offer to mail gifts to remote coworkers so they don't feel left out.
  • For large teams, suggest a Secret Santa gift exchange and set a sensible price limit.
  • For virtual teams, send e-gift cards or ship gift baskets and packages to their homes.
  • Make edible treats festive with holiday-themed packaging, labels, ribbons, and ties.
  • Shop small businesses, local shops, and secondhand stores for one-of-a-kind finds.
  • Look for bulk deals online at Amazon, Etsy, or warehouse stores to stay on budget.
  • Order early to avoid shipping delays and get the perfect present by Christmas.

5 FAQs

1. What kind of gifts can I give coworkers during the holidays?

Thoughtful yet professional gifts like fancy coffee, tea, or chocolate, tech accessories, planners, self-care items" gift cards, or homemade baked goods make great coworker gifts. Stick to office-friendly topics and budgets.

2. How much should I spend on each coworker's gift?

Aim for $15-$30 per coworker to stay budget-friendly. For leaders or close colleagues you can go up to $50-$75. Contribute to a group gift for pricier items.

3. Should coworkers exchange gifts with their bosses?

It's nice to give small token gifts or cards to bosses to show appreciation, especially if the whole team chips in. Individual gifts from junior to senior employees can feel inappropriate.

4. Is it okay to give coworkers homemade food gifts?

Absolutely! Packaged baked goods, jams, snack mixes, candies, or other homemade treats make thoughtful DIY gifts. Just be mindful of food allergies and workplace rules. Clearly label contents.

5. Should virtual coworkers be included in gift exchanges?

Yes, remote workers appreciate feeling part of the team. Mail care packages, gift baskets, gift cards, or e-cards to remote colleagues so no one feels left out.


Exchanging gifts with coworkers during the holidays is a wonderful tradition that spreads cheer and strengthens work friendships. Focus on what makes each colleague unique and choose gifts that make them feel special. Thoughtful gifts given within reasonable budgets go a long way in showing your teammates how much you appreciate them. Applying these Christmas gift ideas for coworkers will help make your holiday office celebration a big success. Here's to a season of gratitude, generosity, and festive fun with the work family you see every day!

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