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Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom - What should I gift my mom on Christmas?

Last update: 2023-09-27

The holidays are a special time to show the mothers in our lives how much we care. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, but focusing on her hobbies, interests, and needs can help generate great christmas gift ideas for mom. This guide covers over 30 gift ideas across a range of prices to make her smile this Christmas.

Moms do so much for us all year long - they deserve something extra special for the holidays. From practical presents she can use every day to luxurious pampering gifts to indulge her, these gift ideas for mom aim to show your love and appreciation.

Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Loves Being Pampered

  • luxury beautiful light design cosmetics makeup brand nude gold orange pink lipstick foundation blusher bronzer brush flower accessories white backgroundLuxury robe. A plush, comfortable robe makes the perfect gift for mom to relax and unwind. Look for super soft fabrics like cashmere or silk.
  • Home spa kit. Pamper mom with soaks, scrubs, scented candles and more with a homemade or pre-made spa kit. Add a soft robe and slippers for full relaxation.
  • Massage package. Give mom the gift of indulgence with a massage therapy package. Look for deals at local spas for a 1-hour massage or facial she can schedule at her convenience.
  • Manicure kit. Upgrade mom's at-home manicures with an all-in-one kit featuring nail polish, files, buffers, cuticle cream and more. Include a gift card for a professional manicure.
  • Luxurious lipstick. Treat her to a premium brand of lipstick like Chanel, YSL, Dior or her favorite makeup company. Opt for a universally flattering neutral or pink shade.
  • Perfume. Find her signature scent or try something new with a bottle of perfume. Florals, fruits and musks are classic choices.

Gift Ideas for the Active, Healthy Mom

  • Fitness tracker. The latest fitness trackers like Fitbit or Apple Watch allow mom to monitor steps, heart rate, sleep and more. Choose one with her favorite features.
  • Yoga package. Encourage mom's yoga practice with a package featuring blocks, a mat, towel, yoga pants, top and free classes. Or get her unlimited streaming workouts if she practices at home.
  • Athleisure wear. Leggings, tank tops, sweatshirts and joggers make excellent christmas gift ideas for mom to wear for working out and lounging. Pick her favorite colors.
  • Insulated water bottle. An insulated, stainless steel bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. Pick her favorite color or one that matches her workout gear.
  • Nice running shoes. Properly fitted running or walking shoes provide support for mom's fitness routine. Visit a specialty running store to get her sized and fitted.
  • Personal training sessions. Give mom one-on-one guidance with a few personal training sessions. She'll get expert instruction and a customized workout routine.

Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Loves Being Cozy

  • Young attractive woman dressed in beautiful luxury pajama posing as a model in her bedroom. Comfortable sleepwear, home relaxation and female fashion concept.Luxurious pajamas. Treating mom to super soft pajamas is a classic gift idea she'll love. Opt for silk, cashmere or quality cotton in her favorite colors.
  • Cozy robe. A plush robe to relax in is a perfect gift for mom. Look for ones made of sherpa, fleece or wool.
  • Slippers. Mom likely spends a lot of time on her feet. Treat her to comfortable slippers like moccasins, ballet flats or wool styles.
  • Blanket scarf. An oversized, cozy blanket scarf is the ultimate winter accessory to keep mom warm all season. Try wool, cashmere or chunky knits.
  • Weighted blanket. These special blankets offer a calming, hug-like sensation to promote restful sleep. Choose her ideal weight based on body type.
  • Fuzzy socks. You can never have too many pairs of fuzzy socks! Choose warm wool, alpaca, cashmere or cotton socks.

Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom Always on the Go

  • Tote bag or purse. Pick a high-quality leather or canvas handbag mom can use every day for work or errands. Look for lots of interior pockets to keep her organized.
  • Reusable coffee cup. An insulated travel mug allows mom to take her coffee or tea on the go while reducing waste. Add a gift card to her favorite cafe.
  • Portable charger. A slim power bank keeps mom's devices charged when on the go. Look for high capacity and durable metal designs.
  • Kindle/e-reader. Make downtime more enjoyable with a Kindle or other e-reader for mom. Load some of her favorite titles before giving it.
  • Audiobook subscription. Audible, Scribd or Apple Books gift cards give mom unlimited audiobooks to listen to during her commute, errands and downtime.
  • Wireless headphones. Treat busy mom to wireless headphones from Bose, Apple, Sony or other top brands. Noise-cancelling options help tune out the world.

Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Loves Being Pampered

  • Jewelry organizer. Help mom keep her treasured jewelry organized and untangled with a traveling case or jewelry box with plenty of compartments.
  • Picture frame. Select a meaningful photo of you with mom and frame it in a beautiful frame she can display in her home or office.
  • Flowers. A seasonal bouquet delivered on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day makes a wonderful surprise gift from afar for mom. Opt for holiday colors and her favorite blooms.
  • Donation in her honor. Make a donation to a cause important to mom for a heartfelt gift. Look at charities for causes like education, homelessness, literacy or environmentalism.
  • Custom mug. Many companies like Etsy or VistaPrint let you design a custom mug with photos of mom's family or pets. Create one labeled "World's Best Mom."
  • Sentimental charm. Add a meaningful charm to mom's bracelet or necklace to remind her of family, like birthstones for kids, initials or anniversary dates.

Gift Ideas for the Foodie Mom Who Loves Cooking & Baking

  • A black drip electric coffee machine with a glass teapot brews a morning drink. Household appliances, a white cup and a jar of beans on the kitchen table on the countertop at homePressure cooker. The Instant Pot or other electric pressure cookers make perfect christmas gift ideas for mom to whip up everything from soups to stews fast.
  • Air fryer. Air fryers like the Cosori or Ninja Foodi are must-have kitchen tools that allow mom to "fry" food with less oil for healthy meals.
  • Coffee maker. Upgrade mom's morning routine with a high-end coffee maker she can program to brew delicious lattes, cappuccinos and more.
  • Baking dishes. Empower mom's baking with silicon baking mats, ceramic pie dishes, sheet pans, ramekins and more durable essentials.
  • Knife set. High-quality kitchen knives stay sharp and make prep easy. Look for ergonomic handles and trusted brands like Wüsthof or Zwilling.
  • Spice collection. Fill a nice wooden box or case with gourmet spices, seasonings, oils and sauces for mom to experiment in the kitchen.

Gift Ideas for the Mom With Green Thumbs Who Loves Gardening

  • Gardening tools. Help mom's garden grow with must-haves like gloves, pruners, a quality trowel, rake, shovel and watering can.
  • Seeds. Give mom seeds to plant for vegetables, herbs and flowers that will thrive in your climate and bloom seasonally.
  • Gardening kneeler. Cushion mom's knees and make gardening more comfortable with a padded kneeler bench or stool designed for the garden.
  • Gardening clogs. Protect mom's feet with sturdy clogs that can get dirty while keeping her feet dry. Brands like Crocs and Dansko are great options.
  • Matching gardening hat & gloves. A wide-brimmed hat and quality gloves are essentials for spending time outside in the dirt. Pick her favorite colors.
  • Compost bin. A compost bin lets mom turn kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil for her garden. Curbside pickup options are handy for urban gardeners.

Gift Ideas for the Arts & Crafts Mom

  • Adult coloring books. Intricate, designs and meditative patterns make adult coloring books the perfect way for mom to relax and unwind without screens.
  • Craft kit. Choose a fun DIY kit based on mom's interests, like soapmaking, crochet, macrame, candlemaking, jewelry making and more.
  • Calligraphy set. For the mom with beautiful handwriting, a calligraphy pen set allows her to take it to the next level. Include quality paper.
  • Pottery wheel. Give creative mom a pottery wheel so she can learn to sculpt bowls, mugs, vases and more. Enroll her in a class so she can hone her skills.
  • Embroidery kit. Mom can relax as she stitches beautiful embroidery designs. Look for kits with hoops, floss, needles and patterns included.
  • Knitting kit. Yarn, knitting needles, patterns and markers allow beginning and experienced knitters alike to create scarves, hats, sweaters and more.

Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Loves Reading

  • Senior woman sitting by the window, reading an e-book on digital tablet devicee-Reader. Make mom's book collection portable by gifting her a Kindle or other e-reader full of her favorite titles. Include a cover and book light if needed.
  • Audiobook subscription. For the busy mom who loves books but struggles to find time to read, gift an Audible membership for unlimited listened titles.
  • Pretty bookends. Upgrade mom's book storage with decorative bookends to keep her shelves neat and organized. Opt for her favorite colors, prints and materials.
  • Unique bookmarks. Pick up a pack of beautiful fabric or leather bookmarks mom will love using to mark her page. Monogram them or pick designs that match her personality.
  • Book lover bracelet. Choose an adjustable bracelet engraved with "When I have a book in my hand, I forget the world." or a similar bookworm quote.
  • Personalized book stamp. With a custom stamp engraved with her name, mom can emboss her entire book collection with her ownership signature.

Gift Ideas for the Sentimental Mom Who Cherishes Memories & Traditions

  • Photo book or calendar. Preserve favorite memories in a professionally printed book or calendar filled with photos of family, vacations and friends. Digital options let you customize.
  • Scrapbook. Gift mom a blank scrapbook she can fill with meaningful photos, letters, ticket stubs and memorabilia from gift wrap to pressed flowers. Include some embellishments to get her started.
  • Digital photo frame. A digital frame rotates through favorite pics nonstop. Load it with shots of family for mom's desk or side table so she can enjoy new smiles daily.
  • Block photo display. Pick several cherished photos printed in black and white or sepia to display in coordinated frames in a block formation for a clean, cohesive gallery wall.
  • Throw blanket. Engrave or embroider a meaningful quote on a cozy throw blanket mom can cuddle up with on the couch while reminiscing over old memories with family and friends.
  • Vintage family cookbook. Gather generations of handwritten recipes to create a bound cookbook and memory book in one mom will cherish. Leave blank pages for new recipes.

5 Great Last-Minute christmas gift ideas for mom

If you've waited until the last minute, we've got you covered with quick and thoughtful christmas gift ideas for mom you can put together or pick up fast:assorted chocolate confections in their gift boxes

  1. Arrange an assortment of mom's favorite fresh-baked cookies, chocolates and other sweets. Pick up a holiday tin or plate to present them on. Add a gift tag with a note sharing a cherished memory or saying why you appreciate her.
  1. Get supplies to let mom pamper herself at home including bath bombs, bubble bath, face masks, scented lotion, candles, bath pillow and more all tucked into a basket or pretty bag. Include a TAG Heuer gift certificate so she can treat herself to a salon manicure or pedicure.
  1. Make mom a care package for when she's feeling under the weather including her favorite soup, tea, comfy socks, cold medicine, tissues and a funny movie along with a personalized get well soon card made by the kids.
  1. Gift mom a collection of framed family photos featuring her greatest joys - her kids and grandkids. Arrange them in a memory box or basket along with some of her favorite snacks and a bouquet of flowers.
  1. Stuff a gift bag with a set of cozy winter accessories like gloves, a scarf, hat and warm socks. Tuck in some hand and foot warmers along with a gas gift card she can use to fill up her tank and get to winter activities with the family.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Gifts for Mom

Some of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for mom include jewelry, sweaters, cozy accessories like slippers and robes, gift cards for a spa day, electronics like e-readers or tablets, luxury beauty products, photo gifts, and gift baskets filled with gourmet snacks, coffee, flowers and other pampering items.

What do you get your mom for Christmas when she says she doesn't want anything?

Great gift ideas for the mom who claims she doesn't want anything include consumables like fancy chocolates, cookie and cake deliveries, or gift certificates for coffee shops and restaurants she enjoys. You can also create personalized photo gifts like a calendar, framed photo collage, or photo book celebrating your family that will become a cherished keepsake. Experience gifts like tickets to a show or concert are also appreciated.

What are some Christmas gift ideas for grandmas?

Grandmas will appreciate practical gifts like warm sweaters, kitchen gadgets for baking, gardening tools and accessories, personalized jewelry, audiobook subscriptions, and electronic gifts like tablets for reading and staying connected digitally to family near and far. Picture frames with updated photos of their grandkids will always be treasured.

Should you give Christmas gifts to mom every year?

Christmas is a wonderful chance to show your mom or mother figure how much you appreciate and care for everything she does. Giving a gift demonstrates this, whether it's luxurious, sentimental, practical or experience focused. Even small gifts each holiday help strengthen your bond and remind her how special she is.

What gifts can I DIY to give mom for Christmas?

Some fun, budget-friendly DIY gifts for mom include homemade baked goods like her favorite cookies, candles, soaps or body scrubs, a coupon book with offers to help around the house, home decor accents featuring prints of children's artwork, personalized mugs or tote bags, homemade flavor extracts, knitted scarves or ornaments, and memory books filled with old photos.


The holidays offer the perfect opportunity to make mom feel special with thoughtful christmas gift ideas. Focus on gifts that celebrate her interests and reflect the unique bond you share. Luxurious treats, updated wardrobe additions, and creative DIY presents from the heart will bring joy and smiles on Christmas morning. Mom does so much every day of the year, so take the time to pick out a gift this season that shows your love, gratitude and appreciation for all she does.

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