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How to Spend Christmas Alone?

Last update: 2023-10-29

The holiday season can be a difficult time for those spending it alone. Whether due to location, relationship status, or personal choice, spending Christmas by yourself may seem daunting. However, there are many meaningful ways to celebrate the season solo. With a little planning and self-care, you can create new traditions and find joy during this time of year.

The most important thing is to acknowledge your feelings. It's natural to feel loneliness, grief over lost loved ones, or envy seeing others celebrate together. Don't ignore these emotions. Process them through journaling, talking to a friend, or seeing a counselor if needed. Remind yourself that your feelings are valid, but don't let them control your entire holiday.

Once you've addressed any negative emotions, focus on the positive. Make an effort to get out of the house and avoid isolation. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter to help those less fortunate. The spirit of giving can lift your mood. Attend holiday concerts, look at neighborhood light displays, or go ice skating. Being around community and music are great remedies for the blues.

Pamper yourself by partaking in special foods and activities you enjoy. Cook your favorite holiday recipes and savor each bite. Take yourself shopping for a unique gift, then spend the day wrapping it. Light candles, take a luxurious bubble bath, or binge watch classic Christmas movies. Lean into hygge - the Danish art of coziness and comfort.

Start new traditions that give your day meaning. Donate to a charity in honor of someone you've lost. Place luminaries outside your home to light the way for others. Attend the Christmas Eve service at a local church. Lay out cookies and milk for Santa even if you live alone. Customs centered around your values make the season special.

Stay connected to loved ones near and far. Set up video calls to open gifts together or share a toast. Text friends and family to say you're thinking of them. Reminisce over Christmases past and share your fondest memories. Display old cards, photos, or homemade ornaments that remind you of happy times.

Most importantly, remember that the holidays come every year. If you feel lonely this Christmas, make plans for where you'll spend next year. Travel somewhere new, or start a tradition of gathering with other singles. Your circumstances this year don't define your future celebrations.

With intention and creativity, you can have a meaningful Christmas alone. Focus on serving others, nurturing your spirit, and making new traditions. Maintain perspective that one day does not determine your entire holiday season. Spending it solo allows you to celebrate in ways unique to your interests. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed; with thoughtfulness, you can find joy even if you're on your own.

Tips for Getting Through the Holidays Alone

The holiday season often emphasizes togetherness, prompting many solo celebrators to feel isolated and down. However, there are numerous ways to not only get through the holidays alone, but to thrive and enjoy yourself. Here are some proactive tips:

Make Plans and Stay Busy

Having a schedule filled with uplifting activities will prevent too much idle time dwelling on being alone. Make plans with friends, sign up to volunteer, attend public events, or schedule time for hobbies. Staying busy will make the time pass quickly.

Woman holding cup of coffee while working on laptop at home for Christmas. New Year and Xmas concept.

Display Holiday Decorations

Decorate your home with reminders of the season to create a festive environment. Set up a tree, lights, garlands, candles, or any decorations that bring you joy. Holiday music and scents like cinnamon or pine can also lift your spirits.

Treat Yourself

Cook or order your favorite holiday foods, even if they're just for you. Splurge on gifts for yourself or plan an outing like going to a spa. Pamper yourself with the treats and activities you enjoy most.

Focus on Self-Care

Don't abandon your healthy routine. Make time for exercise, sufficient sleep, nutritious meals, and practices like meditation or yoga. Taking care of your physical and mental health should remain a priority.Connect with Loved Ones

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Stay in touch with family and friends through video calls, texting, social media, or sending cards. Share favorite memories or photos from holidays past. Virtual connection can combat loneliness.

Embrace New Traditions

Create new holiday rituals for yourself like baking cookies to take to neighbors or watching a beloved movie. Start new traditions focused on your values and interests to give the day meaning.

Change Your Scenery

Get out of the house to attend community, religious, or cultural events. Go see holiday lights displays or take a scenic drive. Changing your environment can boost your mood.


Contribute your time to charitable organizations that need extra help during the holidays. Volunteering to serve others in need can make your season feel purposeful.

Plan a Trip

If being home alone is too difficult, plan a trip somewhere new. You may choose to visit friends, explore a new destination, or enjoy a quiet retreat.

Maintain Perspective

The holiday season only lasts a few weeks. Remember your circumstances this year don't define you or your future holidays. Reflect on the meaning of the season beyond materialism.

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With creativity and self-care, the holidays can be joyful even if you're spending them solo. Focus on new traditions, helping others, and nourishing your spirit above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spending Christmas Alone

Many people wonder how to handle celebrating Christmas alone. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Should I still decorate and get a Christmas tree if I'm alone?

Yes! Deck your halls to the max even if it's just for you. Decorations help create a festive atmosphere to lift your spirits. A Christmas tree and lights are especially cozy.

What should I do about food? Is it worth cooking a big meal just for me?

Make whatever holiday foods appeal to you most, even if the portions are smaller. Indulge in special treats and flavors. Leftovers can last for days. There are also restaurants that serve Christmas meals.

How can I avoid feeling lonely?

Stay busy with activities and connect regularly with loved ones near and far. Volunteer in your community to feel purpose. Accept your feelings while focusing on gratitude and meaning. Loneliness may come and go, but won't last forever.

Should I give myself gifts since I don't have anyone to shop for?

Absolutely! Treat yourself to gifts big and small. You deserve it. Pick meaningful gifts that nurture your hobbies, interests, home, health, and happiness.

I'm depressed about being alone. What should I do?

Take your mental health seriously. Seek counseling, lean on your support system, practice self-care, and don't be afraid to ask for help. If emotions like hopelessness, excessive sadness or anxiety persist, contact a doctor.

How can I make spending Christmas alone meaningful?

Focus on creating new traditions based on your values. Volunteer, donate to charity, decorate graves of loved ones, display sentimental objects, make your favorite foods, virtually connect with others, and reflect on the holiday's meaning.

Prioritize self-care and serving your community. Embrace new traditions and perspectives. Cherish connection with loved ones, both in-person if possible or virtually. With creativity and intention, you can find purpose during Christmas even when alone.


Spending Christmas alone can prompt challenging feelings of grief, loneliness, and envy during a season emphasizing togetherness. However, with intention and creativity, celebrating solo can still be a meaningful time. Set an uplifting schedule of activities to stay busy.

Treat yourself to favorite holiday foods and gifts. Decorate your home to create a festive atmosphere. Embrace new traditions focused on your values and interests. Stay connected to loved ones virtually. Volunteering to help others in need can make your holiday feel purposeful.

Focus on self-care and self-compassion. Maintaining perspective and looking ahead to future Christmas joy can also help you through any tough times this season. Christmas reminds us that better days are always ahead. With flexibility and care, the holidays can still touch your heart, even if you're on your own.

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