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What To Get A 17 Year Old Girl For Christmas?

Last update: 2023-11-01

Shopping for a 17 year old girl can seem daunting, but with a little thought it's easy to find gifts she'll love. Here are some ideas to help you pick out the perfect gift for the 17 year old girl in your life.

Focus on Her Interests

The best gifts cater to her unique hobbies, passions and style. Think about the things she's into and find a gift that fits. Some ideas:Pair of empty red concert tickets isolated on white background.

  • If she loves music, get tickets to see her favorite band or a gift card to download new tunes.
  • For the fashionista, try trendy accessories like a cute hat, scarf or bag.
  • If she's athletic, give her new workout clothes or equipment for her sport. Yoga mats, dumbbells or a fitness tracker watch are good options.
  • For the creative type, art supplies like nice watercolor sets, journals or an adult coloring book are great gifts.
  • If she's tech-savvy, consider new headphones, a portable charger or the latest smart home gadget.

The key is to listen for clues about her interests and find something that shows you put real thought into the gift.

Give the Gift of Experience

Experiential gifts create lasting memories, perfect for the 17 year old who seems to "have everything." Some ideas:

  • Tickets to a concert, play, sporting event or music festival she'd love. Add a homemade coupon for you to take her.
  • Passes for amusement parks, an aerial adventure course, indoor skydiving or a zip lining tour.
  • Gift certificates for a spa day, nail salon visit or massage. What 17 year old wouldn't love a little pampering?
  • Cooking, baking, art or other creative classes to spark her passions. Choose one related to her hobbies.
  • Wildlife park, museum or city tour tickets to feed her interests and expand her horizons.

Giving tickets or passes for fun local activities shows you want to spend quality time together and create wonderful new adventures.

Give the Gift of Relaxation

Life as a 17 year old can get stressful between school, activities, friends and college planning. Help her unwind with relaxing gifts like:Bathrobe mockup Empty plush dressing gown with belt mock up, isolated bathroom fashion

  • Plush robes, slippers, comfy pajamas or a new set of cozy sheets for her bed. Add soothing bath bombs or shower steamers.
  • Adult coloring books, craft kits and art supplies she can use for creative downtime.
  • Guided journal prompts and nice pens for writing her thoughts.
  • Streaming service subscriptions so she can binge her favorite shows.
  • Wireless headphones and music playlists to drown out noise and calm her mind.
  • Essential oil diffusers with relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile or bergamot.

Giving the gift of relaxation shows you want to help nurture her mental health. She'll appreciate gifts that help her take a break and recharge.

Give the Gift of Technology

17 year old girls often love the latest technology gadgets. Consider these tech gift ideas:

  • Trendy new phone cases to show off her style. Add a pocket mirror or phone ring light.
  • A fitness tracker like a Fitbit to help her monitor workouts and daily steps.
  • Wireless earbuds or Airpods so she can listen to tunes anywhere.
  • A polaroid camera, photo printer or disposable camera to capture fun memories.
  • A portable phone charger or battery pack so her phone never dies.
  • A tablet for reading, watching movies or digital art. The iPad is a popular choice.
  • Tech devices like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini to bring voice assistance into her life.
  • A smart watch that doubles as a fitness/health tracker and links to her phone.

For the tech-obsessed 17 year old, the latest gadgets and electronics will be welcome gifts. Opt for useful tech items she'll get regular use out of.

Give the Gift of Beauty

Most 17 year old girls love pampering themselves with beauty products. Consider these gift ideas:Set of different makeup accessories on beige, brown background. Cosmetic products for skin care. Eyeshadow, blush, face powder, brushes.

  • Trendy makeup palettes and beauty tools like sponges, brushes and blotting papers.
  • Manicure and pedicure kits for at-home pampering. Include nail polish in her favorite colors.
  • New hair styling tools like curling irons, straighteners or hair dryers. Don't forget heat protectant spray!
  • Luxurious bath bombs, shower gels, lotions and spa masks for an at-home spa experience.
  • Gift cards for hair, nail or beauty salon visits so she can get pampered.
  • Trendy makeup bags, jewelry boxes, lighted mirrors and other beauty storage/tools.
  • Perfume, body sprays and delicious-smelling lotions from her favorite beauty brands.

For a gift she can use daily, opt for beauty products that will make her feel pampered and special.

Give the Gift of Cash

Don't overlook the gift a 17 year old girl can never have enough of - cash! At this age, money equals freedom. Consider gifting:

  • Cold, hard cash. Let her decide what she'd like to spend it on.
  • Pre-paid Visa or American Express gift cards she can use anywhere.
  • Gift cards to her favorite stores, like Target, Sephora, Amazon, Starbucks etc.
  • Gift certificates for music downloads, apps, ebooks or other digital content.
  • Movie theater gift cards so she can enjoy nights out at the cinema with friends.
  • Contributions to her college savings account or funds to create her first portfolio investment.

Though simple, don't underestimate how much a 17 year old will appreciate the gift of money or gift cards. It gives her spending power and freedom of choice.

5 Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Girls

To summarize, here are 5 great gift ideas for the 17 year old girl in your life:

  1. Concert or Event Tickets - Give tickets to see her favorite singer, band, comedian or sports team. Great for creating memories together!
  1. Tech Gadgets - Consider a new phone case, wireless headphones, fitness tracker, camera or tablet. Useful tech gifts top many 17 year olds' wish lists.
  1. Beauty Products & Pampering Gifts - Makeup, nail polish, hair products, bath bombs and spa gift cards to help her look and feel fabulous.Manicure tools, nail polish and dipping powder on the pink background
  1. Gift Cards - Give gift cards to Target, Amazon, Sephora or the App Store so she can shop for exactly what she wants.
  1. Experiences - Give passes for a zip lining adventure course, amusement park visit or museum tour. Shared experiences make great gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls

Some of the most popular gifts for 17 year old girls are concert tickets, gift cards, clothing, beauty products, electronics like Airpods and fitness trackers, and "experience" gifts like amusement park passes or adventure course tickets.

2. Should I give a 17 year old girl toys or stuffed animals?

Most 17 year old girls have outgrown toys and stuffed animals. Instead focus on gifts like beauty products, clothing, technology, "experience" gifts or cash. Stick with gifts appropriate for young adults rather than children.

3. How much should I spend on a 17 year old girl?

You can find great gifts for $25-$100. Take your budget into account. Smaller gifts paired together also make great presents. Or consider bigger ticket experience gifts you can enjoy together by planning ahead.

4. What gifts do 17 year old girls not like to receive?

Avoid clothes that may not align with her style or taste. Also pass on gifts like keyboards, educational games or subscriptions she has no interest in. Stay away from anything too young or "kiddie" - she's almost an adult!

5. Should I wrap gifts for a 17 year old girl or use gift bags?

Either is fine! At this age, neat, colorful gift wrapping shows you put in special effort just for her. Gift bags also give a nice presentation and let her reuse the bag. Ask if she has a preference if you want to be sure.


The key to choosing a fantastic gift for a 17 year old girl is tuning into her unique interests, passions and style. Avoid anything too young or practical. Instead, find creative gifts that cater to her hobbies, let her pamper herself or create wonderful memories together. With a little thought, you're sure to find presents she'll treasure.

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